Don't Ask, Don't Get

with Brian Saber

Free Online Workshop for Nonprofit Fundraisers

4 Live Webinars, Live Q&A's All Week

(note: webinars and Q&A’s recorded so you don’t have to participate live)

Almost 90% of all charitable gifts come from individuals,
and the biggest gifts come from asking in person.
Without these gifts, your organization cannot fulfill its vision and impact the most lives.
This workshop will give you the tools to be a comfortable and effective asker.
 Eight reasons to register now:
Become a lot more comfortable asking individuals face-to-face
Figure out who should be on your prospect list
Determine exactly the right time to ask in the meeting – and how to get the best results
Stop relying on special events and grants to raise critical funds
Assess your own Asking Style and understand its impact
Watch recordings of the webinars on your own schedule if you can't join live
Participate in live Q&A sessions with Brian... or watch the recordings
Learn how Asking Matters can support your fundraising journey
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